Product B Review


My Product B Review

Watch the video of my personal product B review.   Many people are experiencing a range of benefits using this product.  After careful research into the science of Product B I decided to take it on a regular basis..afterall I am a woman in her late 40s and if this helped me look younger and feel younger...hey I am all for it.

This is what I found......

Increased energy levels, greater exercise endurance, improved mental activity, look and feel younger, skin improved looking more glowing and firmer.

Now...Click the arrow to watch the second videos of others reviews and testimonials with using Product B


What is Product B?

Product B is based on the science from a 2009 Nobel winning research that discovered the significance of Telomeres and why we age.

The product was introduced in 2011 and the formula was developed through the partnership of John Anderson and one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of youthful aging, Dr Bill Andrews, Ph.D.

Product B was developed to activate  telomerase, which is the enzyme that supports and lengthens telomeres which in turn extends the life of cells.  They have created a unique, natural product which supports telomere health and assists the body in neutralizing free radicals that can cause aging and contribute to poor health.

Basically science has found that your telomeres on the end of your DNA get shorter with every cell division ….so a product that can stop this shortening can help your Body clock.

Already people all around the world are talking about Product B and the impact it can have on aging.


What is in Product B?

Product B uses a proprietary formula which consists of over 28 different minerals and botanicals working together synergistically so that their effect is much greater to support the body. 

Milk Thistle Extract

Horny Goat Weed

Grape Seed Extract

Tumeric Root Extract

Ashwagandha Root Extract

Bacopa Extract

N-acetas yl-L-cystiene

Pomegranate fruit extract

DL-alpha lipoic acid extract

Asian Ginseng root extract

Berteine rhizome extract

Bilberry fruit extract

Blueberry Fruit Extract

Red Raspberry Fruit Extract

Green Tea Extract       

White Tea Extract

Black Tea Extract

Acacia Bark Extract

Plantain Leaf Extract


Velvet Bean Extract

Hawthorn Root Extract


Boswellia Fruit Extract

Maca Root Extract

Hawthorn Fruit Extract


Harada Fruit Extract

Shilajit Extract

Chia Seed Extract

...hopefully I have them what a list hey!


Is Product B Safe?

Product B is 100% natural plant based product.  It is approved by the FDA and TGA here in Australia.  As stated in the TGA statement it is indicated to provide telomere contains vitamins, antioxidants and antiinflammatory compounds which can reduce damage to telomeres

To view the TGA's full list of indications, click here


Is Product B backed by Research Scientific evidence?

You can google and find many research articles about Telomere science and evidence that supports product B.

Many health professionals want to know their scientific evidence for Product B ..myself included and they will not be disappointed as there is a large body of scientific evidence.

Even top health and wellness Drs support this discovery...

Read Dr Gabriel Cousens MDexcellent review of Product B and the science behind it HERE


Does Product B Work?

Many people are reporting can watch my video and personal experience with product b telomere support and others testimonials in the video above....decide for yourself.

How Much Does Product B Cost and Where Can I Get It? may here is not really.  This is a great product and I stand proud to share it and help you also if you are looking for a product to support your health and the affects of aging...

It will cost you Less than $20/week to consume Product B.

That is if you get it at wholesale..which is the cheapest way to purchase the product.

I have a pdf with step by step instructions to setup a wholesale order of Product B HERE

..very quick & simple process. 

Go here to order and watch the video all about Product B here to help you understand the product even more...

Watch and Order HERE

Product B Review Conclusions

So there you have it..a short review and my own personal review..hope you enjoyed the review ..please leave your questions and comments below...

and heres to feeling younger


Yes I Want To Support My Telomeres


Getting Stuck in Traffic and the lessons we can learn....

Ellen Agius


Hello friends and fellow entrepreneurs

The blog beast has launched and you can now access Video one and two HERE

THOUSANDS of people are watching thes videos which show you how to make money online and gives you free blogging tips.

You can also download a free guide "17 Super Dumbass Blogging Blunder" by clicking on here
The videos takes you through a crazy wild story with a WEIRD twist.

To your online success

this shows you the right way

- Ellen Agius


Blog Beast Review


Looking for information on the new blog beast marketing system?  well you have come to the place

this post will give you a blog beast review and discuss what the blog beast is and what it can do for your business….read on

What is the Blog Beast?

This system is about making money from your phone…

The founders of empower network, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe are launching the BlogBeast…to make it easier to make money from  home using the phone

This is a viral blogging system which has features not seen in any other blogging system in the world…making it unique and a first…

What it does is….allow users to maintain numerous blogs across a variety of domains from one account. ..making it easier, faster  and better than any other blogging platform.

Bold statement????  read on….

The mobile application of blog beast syncs both the computer and smartphone blog

In fact it is easier than wordpress to use….as it is super user friendly…

Blog Beast makes it easy to record and post audios and videos to your blog

On Blog Beast review it is seen that you can simply record audio or video for your blog using a mobile app in 2 clicks and post your video online to your blog from your phone or computer…

Blog Beast makes it easy to reblog post from other sites

With the Blog Beast system you can also simply reblog posts from other sites …

Basically it enables you to build and manage your business from your phone….very cool

Blog Beast free video training series

As top earning marketers online Dave and Dave have identified 17 critical mistakes most entrepreneurs are making and they are sharing these mistakes with you in a free video series….

To access these videos simply put your name and email in and click the button at the blog beast site

blog beast review

Blog Beast Review:  How much does it Cost?

The Blog Beast system will cost you $25/month.

If you already have the current Empower network blogging system…empower network will migrate all of its current users to the new platform on October 7th.

Blog Beast Review summary

so there you have it…a system that will make viral blogging easier and simple and give you the ability to run your business from your phone..

Certainly worth your time to check out and get a hold of

Blog beast review





Hi Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur

My Dreams Become Reality

In the morning I will be traveling on a overseas trip to New Zealand with my husband and 3 daughters…

This has been 5 years in the planning and talking about going..

My kids said it will never happen mum… we are never going to go…

Create a Dream Board

but I had the pictures of New Zealand up on my dream board, I said I was going in my goals and planning and my affirmations….

I read back on my goals I wrote in 2009 and they read

“I will take my family to New Zealand and we will hire a campervan and stay in National Parks and see the boiling mu and ski at the snowfields….”


I am traveling to New Zealand for a 2 week holiday with the family

This is exactly what we are doing…a 2 week holiday in New Zealand and we are hiring a campervan and we will see the boiling mud and we have a ski pass….WOW

My Dreamboard in my office

Making Dreams a Reality

I knew we would go…

Keys to Creating Success

This brings me to the key to success and making your dreams a reality…

It is about believing in your dreams and taking action..and also using autosuggestion to your subconscious mind everyday…

Read more about autosuggestion here on my blog

Napoleon Hill Teaches How To Build Success and Make  Your Dreams a Reality

This is taught by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon tells you how you too can make your dreams a reality..

Print out the Definite Major Purpose Statement Napoleon recommends for autosuggestion

Access the Definite Major Purpose Statement HERE


My tips to making your dreams a reality are in summary…

1 Use autosuggestion daily…by reading what it is you want to achieve daily, use a dream board that you can see regularly throughout the day to remind you of what you want to achieve

2. Believe you will have it

3.  Take action towards achieving what you want

4 Don’t get discouraged if it does not come straight away …stay focused and know that it is coming to you…

I will be away now for 2 weeks and will update you on my travels and lessons I learn along the way…

Have a great day and go out and make your dreams a reality


…a mum…making her dreams a reality


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